Philip Gardiner’s - The Bond Code

The stories of James Bond are not just popular spy thrillers. This is the remarkable tale of how Ian Fleming and his associations with the world of the occult actually led him to create a masterful series of clever clues, ciphers and codes within his novels, revealing a sacred truth discovered whilst searching for his own inner harmony.

My own journey into the hidden and coded world of Ian Fleming began one winters night whilst watching Live and Let Die. There was a surge of interest for all things James Bond and so, almost every night there was one Bond film or another. I had just finished writing The Ark, The Shroud and Mary and my mind was full of the world of the esoteric, alchemy and psychology. Live and Let Die struck me almost immediately as being a very strange film. Any Bond fan will know that the film involves many references indirectly and directly to the world of the occult – in this instance voodoo. For me at that particular time in my life I was struck by the strangeness of that fact. You see, I had watched all the Bond films many times, having loved them from my childhood, and I had never before considered why Ian Fleming should delve into the dark world of voodoo. Now, having a deeper understanding of ancient psychological methods we know as gnosis, alchemy and a great many other terms, I had to sit down and re-consider things.

That was nearly two years ago now and in that time I have read every Bond novel; searched out every scrap of writing produced by Ian Fleming; researched his background, associations, friends, military history, book collections and even cross-referenced his relatives. What I discovered was to me, simply amazing. I had never considered that Ian Fleming was writing anything other than a simple spy thriller. I had never thought for one moment that the adventurous tales of a fictional British spy would lead me into not just the dark nature of mankind, but the dark world of intrigue he developed and fostered around him.

Bond was set for the heights of fame and like Sherlock Holmes, he would become more famous than his creator. But there is so much more to Bond than people many realise, for Ian Fleming was a distinctly unique individual with a great many influences. His mind was not ordinary in any respect and this gave rise to his occult interests and associations which in-turn fed information, codes and clever plots into the Bond novels. These clever devices even inadvertently found their way into the films too.

However, we shall also discover that Fleming associated with radical secret societies both whilst within the secret service and in post-war Britain. The very codes left by Ian Fleming within his work, are the codes to the secret of the societies…

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Gateways to the Otherworld
By Philip Gardiner.

I started to investigate the ancient and not so ancient concepts of gateways to other dimensions for purely one reason – I had a hunch that if mankind could travel to, or see into otherworlds, then there had to be a science to back it up or disprove it completely. Because of my previous work in psychological and historical books based around the enlightenment or mystical experience, I also believed that there would be a perfectly balanced element to it – in that it would relate entirely to the mystical writings and traditions of mankind but also to the mathematics of nature itself.

Very soon into my research I came across the work of two men in England and I intuitively knew that part of puzzle lay with the work these gentlemen were doing. And so a week later I was heading for the home of Dominic O’Brien, the world’s eight times memory champion and mind expert. Dominic was pioneering a new method of balancing brain wave patterns in partnership with Henry Hopking, a speed-reading and creative thinking expert and champion.

A week before I had heard a BBC radio program featuring Dominic and the new research, which was now drawing the attention of academia, and decided to get in touch. Something about the research grabbed my attention in relation to techniques I knew had been extremely old. I was of the opinion that Shaman also utilised the balancing of brain waves, but did it in a different way.

Essentially the Shaman of the past balanced the waves using entrainment. This is a process whereby the wave patterns in our brain match or copy wave patterns externally produced. Our brain waves can be entrained by such things as the banging of drums and the on and off of lights. Shaman used these techniques to entrain the brain to certain levels and Shaman are well-known for being masters of accessing so-called other dimensions.

Dominic has been using his Brainwave Conditioning System to cure all kinds of problems – from dyslexia to Blepharospasm.
Blepharospasm is a form of Dystonia, which affects the eyelids. Spasms or clamping of the eyelids can render a person virtually blind and stress or trauma can trigger the disease. There is no known cure and the orthodox medical world has had severe difficulty dealing with it. One man that Dominic showed us had an issue where his eyes would not blink. Instead the lids of his eyes once closed would stay closed. He would have to physically open them with his fingers. After having seen physicians to no avail he tried the Brainwave Conditioning System and was 90% cured as Dominic’s video footage proved. Another local woman had the same problem following an accident and over lunch at the local pub we met her in person and heard her own story – direct from the horses mouth as it were. It seemed, that following a car accident she had suffered from Blepharospasm and could not find any cure. She had heard of this local “memory man” and his work and asked him to try it out on her. After only six sessions she was virtually cured and proved the fact to us by blinking her eyes quite normally.

Blunt as ever, I asked her the straight forward question, “do you own any shares in Dominic’s work?” The answer was a laugh and an equally direct “no.” She claimed that she would shout about the new process from the highest hilltop and was indebted to Dominic for what he had done, and I believed her completely. There was no sham going on here, there was instead a serious science behind what Dominic and Henry were doing and it was proving beneficial.

Dominic and Henry were also using the process on people who had no problems and were just attempting to improve their mental capabilities. In all cases people were reporting improvements in energy, mental capacity and lucidity, where colours and objects around them were suddenly more colourful, bright and sharp.

According to Dominic “this in time could lead to the key for world peace”. The reason was simple. In all cases the people undergoing these experiments were relating a balancing effect in themselves - just as their brain waves were being balanced. Dominic claims that the process “enhances the spiritual and artistic side of human nature”. Not surprisingly then, I was to find that the history of the process would be discovered in some of the more “peaceful” religious works of man’s past.

As far as I was concerned I believed what was occurring was an oscillation between the hemispheres. The left and right brain being brought into balance were then able to communicate with each other more rapidly and lucidly – opening up avenues of communication that the ancients understood as “union.” There are instances from ancient sources and various religious practices around the globe where physical techniques were employed to enable this process and which it seems science is now beginning to understand. For instance, the steady drum beat of the Shaman struck four and a half times per second is known to entrain the frequency to theta levels, which as we shall see are incredibly important in transferring the mental state into the trance state or other world. The constant rhythmic drone of the Tibetan Buddhists has the same effect on those participating and those listening. There are also frequencies, which occur in nature that also entrain a relaxed state, such as the crashing of waves on the shore, wind in the trees and the trickle of water.

Even the US government experimented with beating drum techniques when they were attempting remote viewing in their Stargate program.

Well, I decided to have a go on Dominic’s machine, to test out the system for myself and to see the process first hand.

According to Dominic, I had a very well balanced brain anyway and did not expect great improvement – as the people who normally came to Dominic were “out of balance.” However, following the readings Dominic noted that although I had a “Ferrari brain” there were a few tweaks that he could make to help the weaker side match up with the stronger side.

I was now told to relax and was guided through the process by Dominic, who then started the computer program. Lights flashed and bleeps were heard as the program attempted to entrain my brain. After a twenty-minute session of the most psychedelic 1960’s sci-fi experience I have ever had I was unplugged and we all went out into the now sunny back garden to see if I was any more lucid. At that stage I reported feeling no different at all. However Dominic said that it may take a couple of days for me to notice any difference – and I did.

Normally I suffer with headaches every couple of days. However, one week after the process I had still not had any headaches and to add to this I reported feeling extremely lucid and alert – coming to all sorts of discoveries from information I had previously locked away in my mind. It was as if a mental doorway had been opened just by entraining my brain into a certain frequency, called alpha-theta.

Einstein is said to have discovered the theory of relativity when in alpha-theta and Watson and Crick are likewise said to have visualised the serpentine double helix of DNA whilst in the state. Most of us only ever experience this state as we are falling into sleep and see the images of a dream beginning before we lose consciousness of it. It is frustratingly at this moment that we have some of our most amazing ideas, theories and inventions. When we wake up, we have generally forgotten exactly what it was we thought of, but know intuitively that it was profound. Imagine then being able to hold this information, play with it and develop it further – we would be ultimately creative and intelligent, we would seem as gods, like Einstein, Watson and Crick.

The beauty of the above small scientific experiment is that it highlighted for me the true science behind the trance states spoken of endlessly by the ancients.

If the influence of the theta waves, as science seems to back, increases the access to these unconscious and subconscious memories then it is these specific waves that open the doorway and allow the alpha waves to concentrate upon them. With years of training, the Shaman would already have built up a huge reservoir of imagery, which he could call upon. This imagery would include nature spirits such as the spirit of the tree, of the bird and other animals – anything remaining would simply be summoned by the imagination. Once inside the Otherworld mind-state, the Shaman would be enlivened to the energy signatures (auras) or electromagnetic frequency levels of the natural world around him and would be able to draw upon the reservoir of imagery to associate with the signatures he was seeing. The question now arises, could the Shaman then control and call upon these energy signatures or “nature spirits” as he or she has claimed for thousands of years? This is a question I would be returning to and I would find answers in the world of quantum physics, crystals, pyramids and the even the world of the paranormal…
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